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Sex Bunker - Elephant Skull EP

Image of Sex Bunker - Elephant Skull EP


Our newest, hottest tracks, pressed onto vinyl as a lasting statement of our musical intent.

Recorded in the winter and spring of 2012, this is SXBNKR's testament to this bizarre and horrifying year.

Songs about consumerism, gender roles, racism on the south side of Chicago and the collapse of "truth" due to internet know-it-alls. With six tunes clocking in at eight and a half minutes, this the band's most furious release yet.

Complete with a cover screened by the band, a 11x17 poster/lyric sheet, a free download at and maybe some other crap we've got lying around.

Side A:
1. I'd Buy That For a Dollar
2. Only Natural

Side B:
3. A Man Who Had Faith
4. Sir, We Are They
5. Where I'm From
6. Church of the Glowing Rectangle